The ultimate guide to mastering the art of networking

The importance of creating networks cannot be emphasized in a society that is becoming more connected on both a local and global scale. One of the most valuable resources that has the potential to shift the game is social capital. Contrary to popular belief, networking is more than simply exchanging business cards. The new connections are elevated by the skill of establishing sincere contacts, creating opportunities, and exchanging information. In the process of networking, two or more people build a connection with the goal of enlarging their social network. By bringing together people from all backgrounds in one location, coworking spaces have raised the bar for networking to a new level. But in this digital age, how does one create meaningful networks? At Career Bridge coworking Space, we're proud to be at the heart of this networking revolution, by facilitating meaningful connections that fuel professional growth and success. Here is a guide to help you become a networking guru.

1.       Clearly state your intentions and goals

Determine your goals before dipping your toes into social circles. Are you looking for customers, business partners, mentorship, or career advice? Knowing your goals will direct your approach and help you to establish an intentional path toward your goals. You should ponder the following issues:

  1. Whom do I hope to encounter? Have a general idea of the folks you hope to interact with? You want to meet them, but why? Which businesses and professions do they work in?
  2. Where will you network, second? You should have a plan for how you can reach the audience you wish to engage. For instance, which social media platforms, seminars, or events. Researching on this, helps you have a clear pathway to how you can easily reach them and engage on broader issues that you have in common.
  3. What do I offer? Networking is a two way street and seeks for absolute reciprocity. Have a list of problems you can help them solve, thus define your value as an equal network.

2.       Attend events

The secret to effective networking is to be social. Discover how to enhance your brand through exposure and face-to-face interactions. Participate in activities that support your stated aims and goals.  For instance, you rarely have in-person business meetings because you work remotely. However, joining a coworking community exposes you to interact with other business people that foster a vibrant environment that supports your success. In order to increase his clientele, Simon, a remote digital marketer, joined Career Bridge CoWorking Space. He shared his sharing ideas and methods with them, but little did he realize that within a few weeks, he would connect with more experts wanting his service and land him 3 new clients from our coworking space. Whether it's a chance encounter over a cup of coffee or a planned networking event, the opportunities to connect are endless.

3.      Be authentic

Although first impressions count, always remember to present a positive image of yourself by being sincere. A phony character should not be presented in an attempt to impress others. The secret to creating lasting bonds and trust is authenticity. Keep in mind that real and sincere people are remembered because they are relatable as you work to make a positive impression. Offer Value First:

4.      Present yourself as valuable network.

To gain trust and attention, you should make an effort of providing value rather than focusing on what other people can do for you. By offering your expertise opinion, insights, and experiences, people will see your value and see you as a potential network that they can work with in future. However, refrain from talking too much about yourself and taking away attention from the other people in front of you.

5.      Intentionally engage

As you introduce yourself to the new social circle discover what others are interested. Have the curiosity to know what interests them, opinions they hold, where they work, their hobbies, among other conversational topics that define whom they are.  Through this, you can find common ground from which you can connect.

6.      Follow-up and re-connect

Follow-up after an encounter is a necessary step to networking. Take the initiative to connect with your contacts by sending them an email or message expressing gratitude and interest in staying in touch.


Good luck in your venture to build networks and mastering the art of networking. Remember that the mastery of networking is crafted by learning how to build meaningful and value-adding connections with others.