Coworking Etiquette: Best Practices for a Harmonious Environment

Picture yourself working from home; you have the fluidity to show up in your PJs and put your feet up on the desk. The same does not apply to a coworking space. Reflecting on the nature of shared working spaces, we should all walk through the doors with essential etiquette to avoid causing discomfort to other people. In this blog, we explore some universally accepted etiquette that allows everyone around to have a smooth and enjoyable experience in coworking spaces.

1.   Respect Shared Spaces

One of the most relevant to-do actions is respecting the shared working best and recognizing that your actions impact others. It is key to recognize that the shared spaces are not exclusively yours. Therefore, keeping the spaces tidy and organized makes others feel welcome and comfortable. Always avoid leaving a trail of your belongings everywhere you go, especially scattered in communal areas, making other people uncomfortable cleaning your mess.

2.   Say hello

Social cues such as being nice and approachable are necessary when using a coworking space. While you do not have to engage in small talk, you can be sociable and welcoming by greeting others. This reduces the tension around strangers and allows for collaboration to be welcomed, especially when interacting and networking.

3.   Mind Noise Levels

One of the perks of coworking spaces is their ability to provide flexible and collaborative atmospheres that accommodate different working styles and preferences. Due to the diversity of working styles, some people thrive in lively environments while others prefer a quieter space. Therefore, it is relevant for one to keep themselves in check by watching their noise levels. This can be easily done by following simple actions such as using designated areas for phone calls, meetings, and discussions to minimize their noise. Use headphones well when listening to music and keep their volume at considerate levels to avoid distracting others. Being mindful of one's noise levels gives others a conducive workplace atmosphere.

4.   Collaborate and Connect

Coworking spaces have a model that allows professionals and people with similar interests to engage and interact. Therefore, as a coworking space member, it is essential to engage with other members by embracing the spirit of community and collaboration. Take some time to strike up a conversation and build valuable relationships and networks that have the potential to enhance your professional journey. This creates a culture of appreciation and value for all members, who feel welcomed and comfortable.

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5.   Avoid space hogging

Coworking spaces are driven by collaboration and a sense of community. Therefore, be mindful of your surroundings by only using the necessary resources. It is inconsiderate when you waste resources and infringe on others' workspaces. Being a shared space, it is necessary to maintain resourcefulness, which allows others to feel included and comfortable. For example, some members hog meeting rooms without being considerate of others; they use meeting rooms when in meetings to give others time.

6.   Personal hygiene is key.

 Prioritizing and maintaining one's personal hygiene, cleanliness, and tidiness within their workspaces is one of the unspoken rules of shared workspaces. It is essential to remember for all coworkers to clean up after themselves and keep their workstations arranged. Avoid leaving a mess- coffee cups, napkins, and other trash behind for the next coworker. It is essential that you are mindful of other people without assuming someone else will clean after you leave.

7.   Respect boundaries

Coworking spaces attract people from all walks of life. This translates to the diversity of thought, personalities, and work styles, which created coworking spaces ideal for collaboration and networking. However, keep in mind that people go to coworking spaces to focus and get work done. Therefore, people need to read the room and recognize when people need concentration and when the mood is lighter.


Important to note is that coworking spaces are shared with others; therefore, there needs to be a level of respect for others as one would expect in return. Shared spaces have revolutionized work by allowing diversity of thought, translated into a community that allows people to work toward their goals. However, there is a great responsibility and social cues that coworkers should embrace to create a culture of respect, safety, and healthy coexistence for everyone working there.